Providing an optimum environment to bring out
the best results in your cell culture

Water Jacket incubator
WCI Series

Made in Japan


The ASTEC WCI Series Water Jacket Incubator has a long history and is a premium choice among the competitive brands of incubators. The WCI is known for super stable temperature and humidity uniformity. A conventional, yet reliable, water jacketed incubation chamber promises to provide the best culture environment

High quality and durable 304, polished, corrosion free stainless steel is used for the chambers and our interior components.
Easy removal of all the internal parts and accessories “without tools” makes cleaning your incubator easier than ever!

Inner Glass Doors (GAW-165AQ) provide extra security for your sensitive cultures and the Limited Access Windows help preserve the gas levels and temperature inside the chamber to improve operational efficiency.

Having designed incubators with customers in mind, an alarm system connection for external monitoring devices is standard for all our incubators. The system utputs help monitor the environment and ensure that the user defined parameters for optimal cell culture are being maintained.

Standard access port in the back provides the possibility to expand your application by adding other implementations to your culture.

30L and 50L Water Jacket Incubators are also available for more compact footprint that consumes less gas, recovers quickly.

Stackable feature is available for all our CO2 incubators. Stacked incubators save precious lab space and can be essential in planning layouts in your current labs or for possible future expansions.

We offer various carts to meet your needs to ensure incubators safe transportation for lab cleaning and storage.


Model WCI-165 WCI-165R WMI-165 WMI-165R
Outer Dimensions W625 x D625 x H955 (H1910 for double)
Inner Chamber Dimensions W500 x D480 x H680
Capacity 163L
Shelf Dimensions W430 x D430 x H15
No. of Shelves 5 (Max 21)
Heating Method Water Jacket (41L)
Temp. Control Digital PID
Temp. Control Range Ambient temp. +5°C to 50°C
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.1°C
Humidity Natural Evaporation with humidify tray
Access Port 30mmφ
Shelf Doors Optional Yes
CO2 Sensor TC sensor IR sensor TC sensor IR sensor
Control Range 0 to 19.9%
Stability ±0.1%
Auto CAL Function - Yes - Yes
O2 Sensor - Galvanic
Control - ON/OFF
Control Range - 2% to 80%
Stability - ±0.5%
Auto CAL Function - Yes
Options Analog Output, HEPA Filter Kit, Additional Shelves etc.
Power 100/110/220V
Weight 92kg (133kg when water filled) / 184kg for double (266kg when water filled)
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