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VCI/VMI Series

Direct Heat CO2/Tri-gas Incubator

New Face Design: Renovated front door with an ergonomic handle, accompanied with a smooth polished stainless steel interior, and touch screen monitor with high speed processing.
Best Suited for cell culture: Much like its predecessor (the CPI series), the VCI/VMI grants an ideal environment for cell culture. Further advancements have been made to simplify user maintenance, while allowing safe & easy access to the samples inside.

Dry Heat Sterilization(160C)
Standard Equipped

Considering the effects of the various techniques of sterilization on the cells, Dry Heat Sterilization is the most ideal method used for incubators.

Easily Accessible

Cell Monitoring System (Optional)

Users can connect to an optional, built in, cell monitoring system and observe the culture process on the front door panel display.

Compatibility with cell monitor

●Compatibility with cell monitor recording output via USB.
●Easy to connect and disconnect via single touch connector.


Model VCI-165P
Exterior dimensions 620 mm x 740 mm x 850 mm/ 24.4 in. x 29.1 in. x 33.5 in. (W x D x H)
(Projections not included) 
Interior dimensions W481 mm × D531 mm × H640 mm
Capacity Approx. 163 L
Outer facing Electrogalvanized steel sheet (Baked powder coating)
Inner facing Stainless steel plate (SUS304, SUS430)
Shelf board W455 mm × D468 mm × H23 mm 4 boards in the standard configuration (10 boards max.)
Access board φ29 mm (Standard configuration)
Temperature control method Digital PID control
Temperature control range Room temperature plus 5°C to 50°C (0.1°C steps)
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1°C
Temperature uniformity ±0.3°C
Temperature control range
for dry-heat sterilization
50°C to 160°C (1°C steps)
Temperature uniformity regarding
dry-heat sterilization
Sterilization temperature setting time 0.1 to 10.0 hours
CO2 sensor NDIR sensor
CO2 concentration control range 0.0%~20.0%
CO2 concentration control accuracy ±0.1%
O2 sensor - Galvanic battery-type sensor
O2 concentration control range - 2.0%~80.0%
O2 concentration control accuracy - ±0.5%
Humidifying method, humidity Natural evaporation method (Vat water filling), 95% ±4% RH
Safety devices Over-temperature protection, over-temperature alarm, CO2 alarm, O2 alarm,
other various alarms
Product weight 90 kg
Power supply Single-phase 110-120V AC, 50/60 Hz, or Single-phase 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz, 7.5 A
Power consumption 750 W(max.)
Power consumption (Watt-hour) 75 Wh (at room temperature 25°C, set temperature 37.0°C, stable operation)
Working temperature range 10°C ~ 30°C
Working humidity range 30% ~ 80%RH
Storage temperature range -20°C ~ 50°C
Storage humidity range 20% ~ 80%RH
Options Cell monitor
Analogue output
Alarm contact output
Gas guard
Door lock
Vertical joint bracket
Dust collection filter

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