Now Integrate Your EC-6S
With TrakStation® pH Monitoring Technology

Support your busy lab and gain ease of mind using continuous, accurate, and useful pH data.

TrakStation pH monitoring technology provides continuous, non-invasive pH monitoring every thirty (30) minutes for up to seven (7) days. The TrakStation connects with up to eight (8) incubators and includes and easy to read touch screen display that magnetically mounts to metal surfaces in the lab.

Track pH Reliably

With the TrakStation, pH data is at your fingertips with easily displayed and automatic graphing. Use the included software and data recording capabilities and to monitor pH values in your preferred culture media, watch pH data change over time, and send automatic alerts (by e-mail).
Track your culture environment to reliably to collect quality control data, offer peace of mind to embryologists, and ensure successful outcomes.

Shh…Do Not Disturb

TrakStation pH monitoring technology seamlessly integrates into the state-of-the-art EC-6S unit and is a reliable way to collect pH values non-invasively.
The TrakStation reads media pH using the sv2 sensor, a sterile non-invasive disposable that does not take up valuable culture dish space. pH data is collected regularly and automatically - no need to open the lid or disturb the embryo culture environment.

No More Calibrations

The included qc2 tool re-aligns the TrakStation in 30 seconds or less, meaning no pH probe calibration, pH buffers, or downtime for the lab. Only one (1) qc2 alignment tool is needed per laboratory.

Perform a quick alignment with the qc2 tool after each testing cycle then start testing.




sv2 Sample Cup

qc2 Alignment Tool

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