NLO Series

Nitrogen Liquid Observation System

Astec’s NLO (Nitrogen Liquid Observation) System is a state-of-the-art LN2 tank monitoring system that utilizes weight sensing, the most accurate method to monitor LN2 consumption.

Employing weight sensing technology, Astec NLO overcomes the shortcomings of traditional level measurement techniques:

Astec NLO moves beyond traditional level measurement methods, and offers the following advantages:

Easy Mobility

NLO’s 4 casters give your LN2 tank easy mobility, allowing you to place your LN2 tank anywhere within your lab. For example, you can store the NLO with tank away from high traffic areas, and bring the tank with NLO into position when you need it. Anyone in the lab can position a tank with NLO safely and effortlessly.

Digital Display

The NLO shows the weight on an easy-to-read digital display. The remaining amount of LN2 is shown by offsetting LN2 tank weight. The clear digital display aids the operator in reading the remaining weight daily, while also ensuring consistent weight measurement and recordkeeping, no matter who the operator is.


Astec NLO can be integrated with Astec LabKeeper through alarm contact and voltage outputs. This enables you to keep track of LN2 tank weight remotely through LabKeeper, and even receive alerts when the weight meets a pre-defined level. This advanced functionality allows you to keep your lab safe even when you are not there!


Model NLO-10 NLO-20 NLO-30
Load Capacity 200kg
Analogue Output 0-5V
Detection Output 2 Points (Upper/Lower Limit)
Outer Dia. 410mm 490mm 700mm
Power AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, 58VA


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