ASTEC Gas line Filters

ASTEC-6: Six-month Filter

Purify gas with New Astec Gas Line Filters

The new Astec Gas Line Filters are a cost-effective way to remove contaminants such as VOCs, CACs, microorganisms, aldehydes and particles from incoming CO2, N2 and pre-mixed gas to the incubator. This allows you to maximize successful embryo development.

Line Connector : AS-852085

Holder : AS-852585

Long-term durability for a half year with cost-effective

The best way to reduce the VOCs level with ASTEC Filter 6 (six months longevity).

ASTEC-6 ASIF-SM06 : 6 month

Safe for Embryo

Since chemicals can have a negative effect on embryo development, we have eliminated the use of chemicals in the manufacturing of our Gas Line Filters.

Additionally, the capsule and all internal materials are safe for use in IVF laboratories.

High Quality

Manufactured and tested in Clean Room Environment, according to cGMP under strict rules for IVF use.

Pure Materials for IVF use

Capsule and all internal materials are safe to use in IVF laboratories.

No Chemicals Inside

Chemicals may have a negative effect on the embryo development and we have entirely eliminated the use of chemicals in our assembly and production line

Quality Control

Each filter is tested in a Clean Room Environment with an Automated Quality Testing Device, which eliminates human errors entirely.


Filters are individually packed and delivered as a set of four pieces in a sealed cardboard box which includes a certificate of conformity and instruction for use.

Gas line Filters

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