IVF Dish

Optimized for IVF

The EmbryoGrid IVF dish incorporates distinct features, designed to accommodate your IVF procedures, with a peace of mind.

Central Grid of Microwells

A central grid of microwells allows a group of embryos to share the same culture media while still providing individual control over each embryo. The alpha-numeric labelling system facilitates easy and positive embryo identification.

Lid Optimized for Oil Overlay

The EmbryoGrid lid is designed to increase the space between the dish rim and the lid to improve CO2 exchange.

This minimizes the risk of the lid coming into contact with the oil, which can compromise gas exchange and lead to pH shift in the culture media. The lid height is also minimized, exposing more of the dish’s vertical wall to improve handling.

One IVF Dish for all your needs

EmbryoGrid combines six outer wells with a central grid of 25 microwells within a common well, resulting in a single IVF dish that provides the benefits of both wells and microwells. Whether you are performing procedures such as embryo washing and transferring that benefit from the space and visibility afforded by the outer wells or want to take advantage of media sharing and embryo isolation made possible by the mocrowell grid, EmbryoGrid has you covered.

The effect on the improvement of Embryo
development using microwell culture

Conventional: Sequential Medium + Drop culture with medium renewal on day 3 and 5
Microwell: Continuous culture (Single step medium) + Microwells in one common well

Kida, et al, Society of Fertilization and Implantation, 2017

It was shown that the blastocyst development rate was significantly higher, and the embryo utilization rate was significantly higher. It was revealed that the Day 5 blastocysts / good blastocysts rates were significantly increased. Culture by the Microwell method ideally improves embryogenesis ability by achieving ≧ Bla3 on Day 5. With the Microwells, It was considered that the culture environment is more optimized for embryo culture.

Kida, et al, Society for Reproductive Medicine, 2016

Abortion rate significantly reduced. And also, Day 5 blastocyst transplantation rate significantly increased. It is suggested that culture by the Microwell method is the ideal embryo development of blastocyst (Bla ≧ 3) on Day 5.

Full Integration with Time-Lapse

EmbryoGrid is specially designed to integrate seamlessly with CCM-iBIS, ASTEC Time-Lapse Incubator. When used in conjunction with the iBIS, time-lapse images are automatically captured and filed for each embryo in the 25 microwells, making time-lapse data capture a breeze!


Product number AID-0125
Size (WDH) 35 mm dia. dish
Number of Outer wells 6
Outer well size*1 Diameter 5mm-7.4mm
Depth 0.00 mm
Groove Depth 0.25 mm
Pitch 8.4 mm
Number of Center wells 1
Center well size*1 Inner Diameter 7mm
Outer Diameter 8 mm
Depth 2 mm
Number of micro wells 25 (5x5)
Micro well size*1 Diameter 280 µm
Depth 160 µm
Pitch 400 µm
Material Polystyrene
Surface treatment Hydrophilic plasma treatment
Sterilization Gamma irradiation
Packing unit 10 plates / package
Warranty period Three years from the date of manufacture
indicated on the label of this product


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