World’s Smallest
Dry Heat Sterilization Incubator

Introducing our smallest long-trusted SCA/SMA incubator with direct heating system. SCA/SMA 30 DRS Direct Heat incubators provide reliable performance and friendly operation. From basic to cutting-edge research with challenging applications, this small but mighty champion is designed to help you meet your challenges in the lab.

Manage Your Space

Running out of space? Our Mighty small champion takes the least amount of room in your lab allowing you to work freely without overcrowding your workspace. We offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs and budget. Stackable incubators offered in sizes of 30, 80 and 165 liters are available upon request.

Low Consumption & Energy Saving

Our mission is to create technologically advanced equipment while maintaining low consumption and energy footprint. Our 30L unit is Suitable for sensitive applications such as regenerative medicine where delicate cell culturing is required. Excellent stability in temp and gas levels proven by its predecessors in the market (80 and 165L) for the past 15 years.

Fully loaded

Our 30L Mighty Champion comes with Infra-red (IR) or Thermal conductive (TC) CO2 sensors, optional O2 control, and with or without dry-heat sterilization.
All Astec SCA/SMA models include an internal chamber HEPA filter, low profile rolling bases and outputs for external alarm and running condition monitoring systems. We also provide a two year warranty with all our incubators.

Available with a full glass inner door or optional stainless and glass multi-level door. Inner chamber has rounded corners to make cleanup easy providing a cleaner environment.

Other options include an internal chamber HEPA filter, low profile rolling bases and outputs for external alarm and running condition monitoring systems.

Easy to read display. Automatic CO2 and O2 sensor calibration every 7 to 10 days.

External sample port for testing environmental gas level without opening the outer door.

Access port is standard in the right side of the incubator for running shakers or mixers inside the chambers.

Stackable feature is available for all our CO2 incubators. Saving precious lab space is essential in planning layouts in your current labs and preparing for possible future expansions.
We offer various carts to meet your needs to ensure incubators safe transportation for lab cleaning and storage.


Direct Heat Incubator 30L with Dry heat Sterilization

External Dimensions
W x D x H
W415 x D486 x H546 (mm)
Chamber Dimensions
W x D x H
W310 x D295 x H330 (mm)
Chamber capacity 30L
Shelves W252 x D297 x H8(mm) Standard 2 shelves / Max 3 shelves
Temp. Range Ambient+5ºC ~ 50.0ºC
Temp. accuracy ±0.1ºC
Temp. Uniformity ±0.3ºC
Dry heat Sterilization 60ºC to 140ºC
Dry heat Sterilization time 0.5 ~ 10 hours
CO2 Sensor Infra Red
CO2 range 0 ~ 20%
CO2 accuracy ±0.1ºC
O2 N/A Galvanic battery
O2 range N/A 1% ~ 89%
O2 accuracy N/A ±0.5ºC
Humidity 95%±0.4ºCRH by Natural evaporation
Weight 36kg
Power AC100/115/230V 50/60Hz

Direct Heat Incubator
Dry heat Sterilization
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