Astec Contributes to the UN's
Effort to Preserve Biodiversity

Advanced Functionality and Remote Monitoring

Astec, Nature's SAFE and the UN's Sustainable
Development Goal 15: LIFE ON LAND

Did you know that more than 40,000 species are at risk of extinction?  The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 15 (dubbed "Life On Land") outlines a set of targets aimed at halting this biodiversity loss.

By providing essential equipment such as incubators and LN2 tanks to Nature's SAFE, a charity dedicated to safeguarding the future of our natural world by preserving live cells from animals at risk of extinction, Astec is contibuting to the UN's effort to save animals from extinction and preserve our planet's biodiversity.

Superior Accuracy

Astec is proud to provide Nature's SAFE with the Penguin AQ Incubator - the world's smallest water jacketed incubator.  It's compact size and stable cell-culturing environment is ideal for Nature's SAFE's requirements.

Japanese precision and reliability - it is at the heart of everything Astec Bio does. Our laboratory instruments are engineered with customer-oriented features and are backed by an unrivaled global network of highly-trained service engineers, ensuring years of trouble-free service. All our equipment is designed and manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility in Fukuoka, Japan.